It would be a great start if the basics of how to write text and use tags could be explained here. For example how to link to an external website in the text:
- look for the button with the globe above this window
- pressing it will insert tags in between which you can put the url you want to link to

Other usefull editing tools which need an explaination are:

  • lists
  • organizing text in tables, for an example see the mainpage.

This can be a title


Heading Column 1

Heading Column 2

Cel 1

Cel 2

Reference list for HTML tags

To edit the text you can use HTML tags. They look like this: <tag>and some text here</end tag>. Every tag had always an end-tag with the slash in front. This is how your browser can see that the text editing ends. On this site you will find a list of tags you can use.